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Our Story



Out of all the stories we've had to tell, this one is by far one of our favorites! 
Hi there! We're Gavin & Shay, a husband and wife duo who are also parents to two boys, Gareth & Dylan. We are the heartbeats behind Ceylon Hut and we want to warmly welcome you to our side of the story! 
Our journey didn't happen overnight. In fact, we like to think it started ever since we were little. Having been born and raised in Sri Lanka, we were constantly surrounded by our own families who were nothing short of being exceptional home cooks. Our maternal and paternal grandmothers were gifted with a flare for cooking and we enjoyed some wonderful and heartfelt meals. We have fond memories of these good times and many years later, when both our paths crossed, it was delightful to find out that both our Families were not much different! They would always look for a good excuse to meet, greet and eat! 
Thinking of those days would always leave us with a sense of nostalgia and THAT was what we found missing living here in the US. Our hometown Orlando is beautifully diverse with several cultures represented. Sri Lankan cuisine was somewhat unheard of at the time and it was in early 2017 that we made the decision to change that. Lots and lots of research later and a hunger to share our unique food, we set out that December with everything other than the kitchen sink in a rental truck to our first pop-up under a tent. It was a phenomenal experience. People were curious and eager to taste Sri Lankan food. The different types of spices and the use of coconut milk were fascinating enough for guests to want to eat with us again. We were in love! 
As the months passed on, we started adding on more locations and gradually built our presence around Central Florida. We purchased our first Food Truck in March of 2019 which gave us the boost we needed to keep moving forward. Our Orlando community was just hungry for more! The unique food and flavors of Sri Lanka were infectious, in the best way possible. In 2022, we purchased our second Food Truck enabling us to work towards our vision - to share our love of food and culture within our beloved community. 
Sri Lankan food is a true labor of love. Here at Ceylon Hut, the food we serve is a reflection and representation of some of our much loved family recipes, childhood favorites, Sri Lankan street food staples and ‘Hut’ firsts! Our food is symbolic of where we are from, a country rich in pristine quality spices, you can taste the difference. 
We look forward to you trying our food and we hope you enjoy that experience. Always remember, when you’re here, you’re family.